Open 25 Hours !

Banquet Room Makes it Special

Host your next event at the diner… It’s EASIER than party platters, a much nicer time, and no dishes!

This could be YOUR party !

Meet our minimums for food service (very easy to do) and there’s no charge for the room.

Take a look!

Here’s just one example of a recent party. Many times it’s a small group for lunch, but we can accommodate up to 100 if that’s what you need.

Plenty of Room ! What a nice idea !

We bake cakes and pies to order. Everything your guests receive will be fresh!

Wow ! Now thats a Memory Maker !

You can plan a sit down meal with a pre-arranged menu, or offer buffet service

Can't wait to see what's in there!


Can't wait to taste that !

Wow ! This is really Noce !

Wide screen monitors are available for PowerPoint, Video, or Internet Access

The West Chester Diner

Just right for your next birthday party, bridal shower or small wedding

Great Job Alex ! Thanks for making this such a great Day !

Our Weekend Breakfast Buffet is Back in Full Swing

We had the camera out last weekend, and thought it would be fun to document the action!

New Group Arriving at Diner

Freinds Meet with Friends at The West Chester Diner

 Here’s a hungry group… They’re ready to get down to business!  Fortunately, they won’t wait long to be seated.  Regulars know we get really busy on the weekends, by the Diner is always well staffed, so, a wait for a table is over before your know it.  


Buffet... eggs

Worth the wait, too!  Want eggs? Sure! Potatoes? Of course!  How about  fries with that?  Just kidding!  (Making sure you’re paying attention!)  Something for everybody… creamed chip beef… biscuts… pancakes…


Buffet ... meat

But hey, how about some meat with that?  Sure! Always a generous assortment.  Buffet patrons get bacon too, if they wish.  Just ask your server. 


The West Chester Diner Weekend Breakfast Buffet - Football Style

Here’s a few of the Rustin football boys… They know where to come for a good meal.  There’re getting down to business. 


Weekend Breakfast Buffet... Fruit Too !

Now, some finish up with fruit, or, have fruit as their primary buffet entrée.  Either way, plenty of assortment…

Great Meal-Great Value-Change Back with a smile!

And, when you’re done, we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t have to wait to check out.  Now there, look at that… change back, with a smile!  He’s smiling too… Great price… tummy is full… life is good… He’ll be back!  You just can’t go wrong with the Weekend Buffet at The West Chester Diner. 

That line out the door should tell you this is the place to be!  Stop on by.  We’ll love to see you, and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

… Alex and Steve

Now that’s Sweet… Really Sweet !

Sweet !

Sweet !

The remodel is almost finished… SWEET!

….did someone mention sweet?  Take a look at this! WOW!

Stop in today and finish your meal with one of our fantastic homemade desserts!  Baked fresh daily on the premises!

Eat here or take some home!  

Gee….   Dessert…   Coffee…   Dessert with Coffee…   Coffee with Dessert…   I can’t decide…   They all sound so good!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!


cookies1My grandma could really bake… But Not Like this!   


Something for the kids, or, the little kid in all of us!  


Look at that!   If I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t have believed it!  It’s a cookie monster…. No…   It’s a monster cookie….   No…. It’s a lot of fun, that’s what it is… I’m coming over right now for one of those….  Yep…   That’s a pallet pleaser for sure! 


The West Chester Diner has got to be the best kept secret for deserts in West Chester.   I don’t know any restaurant, at any price, that has what you have.  And I don’t have to pay top price for it either!  Your price is always more than fair, and the food and service is just great. 



Talk about community service!  You’re the best!







Wow! It Just Keeps Getting Better! (And Bigger!)


Made Right Here! Always Fresh!

Made Right Here! Always Fresh!

Look at all those amazing desserts!  Are you serious?  You really make all these tremendous treats right here on the premises?   That’s just amazing…

I think I might just try one of everything! 

OOPs, can’t do that, because there’s always something new! 


The West Chester Diner… You guys are too much!   Just look at that case!  I know where I’m going next time I need a midnight snack, or a 3 AM study break!  Good thing you’re always open!  Nice Job!  Keep up the good work!






Make Room For Dessert!

Mouth Watering!

Mouth Watering!

With our expanded facilities, there’s more room for… Dessert! 

Hey… You gotta leave room for dessert… Hey, Alex?  You’re saving that for me, right?  No?  Oh well…

 No problem!   There’s always a new dessert surprise at the West Chester Diner!  Really! 

We’ve expanded our capabilities, and the chef is just looking for an excuse to make something new. 

Check it out.  It’s worth the trip just for a fresh dessert, a cup of coffee, and a nice visit with a friend or two. 

The West Chester Diner.  Home cooking, that’s better than home cooking!  Hey, who do you know that can make a dessert like this?

Steve says “Hello,” too!


I am the father of two wonderful boys, Sherif, age 9, and Mohamed, age 5.  I have been a resident of West Chester for fifteen years now.  Alex and I are the owners of West Chester Diner which was established in late 1994.  I consider Alex and myself to be excellent chefs, bakers, cooks, and businessmen.  Although, I did graduate from Alexandria University in Egypt’s facility of engineering and became a civil engineer, West Chester Diner is where my life has taken me, and I couldn’t be happier.

My journey began in 1988 when I first came to Pottstown, PA to work as a cook at the VIP Family Restaurant, which I later purchased in 1991.  Before buying that, I purchased my first restaurant, Lebanon Family Restaurant in 1990. I only owned that one for less than a year, however, I did own VIP for two years.

In search of a fine place to own a business and raise a family, I searched long and hard from Maryland all the way to New York to find the most ideal place to do both things.  I not only found a great place for my children to live, but also an excellent location to create a successful business in West Chester.  We’ve established West Chester Diner with modest décor from an office building and tanning salon to what you all know today.  With God’s support as well as yours, we have been able to renovate twice in the last five years to make it the most ideal dining environment for our beloved customers.  Together, all of the West Chester Diner Staff work as a team to serve all of you, as customer, neighbor, friend, and as a member of our family.  Again, thank you very much for everything! – Steve

Alex Says: “Hello!”


I’m Alex, and I’m pleased to meet you!  I live in West Chester with my wife Dawn and our 3 children, Adam, Sara and Yasmin. The journey to this place and time has been an exciting one for me. I was born in Egypt, and despite a wonderful childhood and successful professional career there, I chose to leave it all for the United States, and what I believed would be an even better life.  I met my wife of nearly twenty years in Pottstown and we chose West Chester as the ideal place to raise our family.

Together with my partner, Steve, we founded The West Chester Diner in 1994 when my youngest was still in a baby carrier.  She is now a freshman at East High School!  We have worked very hard to make the diner what it is today, but of course that would never have been possible without your help too!  And even though our friends and family stretch across two continents, West Chester will always be home, and The West Chester Diner is my home away from home! Make it your home away from home too! Even some of the best hotels don’t offer 24/7 room service… We’re always open; and I’m sure our pricing is friendlier too! Stop in anytime! It will be my honor to serve you.

Look At That Spread !

Guaranteed to get any party going !

Guaranteed To Get Any Party Going !


Ready To Serve You !

Ready To Serve You !


This is The West Chester Diner? 



Our New Banquet Facilities make this an everyday event!  Just the right touch for your next business meeting or awards luncheon.  Private menus help control cost and speed the serving process, so you can focus on your agenda, and finish your meeting in a reasonable time.  Linen service, special server uniforms round out the atmosphere.  This is not you fathers diner! 

Call Alex, Steve or Vanessa (610) 692-9000    

 Let us know your special requirements. You’ll be surprised just how affordable and memorable a West Chester Diner Event can be.

Not Your Fathers Diner!

Banquet Buffet

Banquet Buffet

Salad bar, breakfast buffet, specialty meals including sautés, unique beef and seafood entrées with cakes and pies baked onsite. We’re not talking just meat and potatoes here!  Sure, we’ve got those too, but if you’re looking for something special, look no further.  Everything you would expect from a diner, plus that country club menu at everyday prices.  Expect super service and a great experience all around.  The

West Chester Diner.  The perfect place for a working lunch, or a catch up visit with an old friend.